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PL LM Bait Protector Shrinking Tube 14mm Transparent 10pcs
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PL LM Bait Protector Shrinking Tube 14mm Transparent 10pcs

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Full range of bait protector shrinking tube to preserve your bait from nuisance
fish attack and from the terrible damages that crayfish can create
to your hookbait. Available in a variety of sizes they can be used for baits
from 12mm up to 32mm.
Another important addition to this range are the two high visibility version
in Hi-Viz Yellow and Hi-Viz Orange, in some extreme situations our baits
can be reduced to a very small particle, even with the Protector Shrinking
Tube, in these situations is extremely important to have at least
some good visual attraction that can trigger the curiosity of the carps and
eventually let them taste what is left of your bait. Especially during the
night this can make the difference, avoiding you to spend a full night on
the bank with no bait left in your rig.

Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester