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SG 3D Hybrid Shrimp 10cm 17g S
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SG 3D Hybrid Shrimp 10cm 17g S

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Great Top water lure, based on the scan of a real Shrimp! The Shrimp swims forward to escapes backwards
– we have designed the Hybrid shrimp to have the perfect backwards fleeing movement coming straight to
the surface – with a popping and splashing sound. On the drop the lure will swim forward and sink with the
TPE legs and whiskers moving like a life shrimp! The lure is built for long casting and will come straight to
the surface on the retrieve – add twitches and the lure will pop and splash with the tail in the surface! The
4x treble hook, is nicely hidden – in a magnetic slot in the belly – for perfect hook up rate! Deadly on any top
water style of fishing, where shrimp is on the menu! The best shrimp prey fish imitation ever!

Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester